Health care

will be characterised by the use of mobile, medical applications and ‘wearable devices’. These allow patients to track their own medical file, but also to pass these through to hospitals, doctors and pharmacists so they can consult them. What else is being part of the 'IoT Health Care' track or subject? Of course also intelligent clothing and fabrics, nano-technology being used in public health, remote monitoring of patients, hospital-applications, and so on. This way, technology can be seen as an easy addition, to support to medical condition of the patient.

Of course, the intensive use of technology and the exchange of patients’ medical history records, does not pass us by without considerations or hazards. What happens when the stocked data of all of the patients becomes too much? How will these devices be secured? Especially this last part raises a lot of questions considering uniform standards, the creation of boundaries and about the future of Internet of Things used in health care.

An impression of the subjects:

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