IoT enablers

covers all important building blocks that make working with Internet of Things possible. Most attention goes out to the use of IoT-applications in settings like home, health, cities, transport, and so on. The hard- and software that lies at the base of these applications provides the 'smartness' in and amongst these products. It's a far-reaching topic that definitely deserves a great deal of attention.

→ For example sensors; they measure signals going from temperature, pressure, speed, GPS and heartbeat, to respiration, ect. Also connectivity, netwerks, security, applications, big data and cloud are essential IoT enablers.

Without these elements, Internet of Things would have never been able to be present in our daily lives. Today IoT is indispensable and the future will only evolve further in that direction.

The IoT enablers bring you the fundaments of the three previously mentioned tracks. These basic elements are necessary to put up any kind of Iot-process within your company. So in order to be able to build connected hospitals, companies and cars, you should make sure you work with IoT enablers.

Which components should your company take into consideration? Which services do you need and which applications will be of great necessity in the following years? Our specialized speakers will tell you all about it!

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