Smart cities

covers all themes and sub-themes that will show us what the cities of the future will look like. Think about traffic lights, public transport, smart meters, utilities, etc, all connected with each other. How are these products and services being developped, how are these public data being collected, stored and secured and how are these data being processed into smart, valuable and measurable results?

The result of these 'smart cities', is one big eco system where every action is the result of another outcome. Of course questions are being posed: what's the social and environmental impact on the city? What are the possible problems or obstacles, both for the inhabitants and the companies? Will the economic performance improve and will it cause sustainability? This track and all its speakers will provide you with clear answers!

Why do we need 'smart cities' and what would this mean for you?

What would a community, city or country look like when the public transport, utilities and 'smoart buisnesses' are connected with each other? A 'Smart city' is a place where traditional networks and services are being made more efficient, with the help of digital technologies and communication. And all of this with the aim to improve the environment and to meet the needs and demands of the inhabitants, travellers and companies. By using real-time sensors, data is being collected and immediately converted into usable statistics, that influence other processes right away.

This collected information and knowledge is necessary get rid of inefficient processes and procedures, which will make it all more time- and cost-efficient. Internet of Things, with smart cities as a pillar, is being used to track whats happening on this moment in the city, how are these events evolving and how can the efficiency be improved.

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