Smart living

emphasizes the integration of IoT-components in applications for houses, offices, industries, payments, security and so on. In 2014, 25% of the total investments made, went to the 'connected home' and 'connected car' industry. The sessions given in this track underscore the importance of the future of connectivity and interactions, of the current investment-landscape, of development opportunities, and this both for the consument and the producer.

Are you looking for some new input to help your company with create new products or innovate your existing offer? Are you active in the architective field, construction materials, home automation, automotive (construction), payments, online marketing, and so on? Stay tuned about the changes in your domain!

Of course, some key-questions are being posed: how about authentification and security? Will IoT have an impact on how companies communicate with each other? Will there be fewer or more communication? On the 15th of June, 5 Experts working with 'smart homes, cars and businesses' will inform you and tell you everything you need to know.

An impression, a sneak-peak of what will be told..

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