Dear visitor, sponsor, partner,

First of all, thank you so much for being part of Belgiums second big B2B-IoT Convention. It was a huge success, thanks to all of you.

Because your feedback is valuable to us, we kindly request you to fill in the following questions.
This assures us that our next edition will be even better coordinated, balanced and adapted to your needs and requests.

Filling in our summary will take 3 minutes and will give you, as a reward, access to the presentations (received until now) given by the speakers during our convention.

We hope to receive your honest feedback.
Many thanks in advance and hopefully we'll see you next year.

The Internet of Things team!

1. Personal
First name (*) Last name (*) E-mail (*)
2. Content
The 5 different tracks were clear to me (*)
The content of the speakers was very useful (*)
I had difficulties to find out which presentations were useful to me (*)
The conference fulfilled my reasons for attending (*)
Which of the following topics/trends interest you the most? (*)

What was your primary objective for visiting this event? (*)

3. Venue
The number of rooms was just perfect (*)
The speaker rooms were adequate (*)
It was clear where every room was located (*)
25 minutes is a good time range to hold an intervention (*)
I missed some practical materials such as printed out powerpoints/handouts (*)
The location of the event was suitable for this kind of conference (travel time, parking, rooms, etc.) (*)
4. Registrations
I didn't mind the registration upfront (*)
I don't mind paying a small amount of money to visit a conference provided with good content (*)
I thought 65 euros was a reasonable price (*)
5. Communication
When did you hear about our event? (*)

Where/how did you hear about our event? (*)

6. How satisfied were you with the following aspects of the event
Content (*)
Location (*)
Speakers (*)
Help staff (*)
Internet access (*)
Sponsors / Exhibitors (*)
Overall satisfaction (*)
7. Other
Would you recommend this conference to others? Yes/no & why not (*) If you would have one golden advice for our next edition, what would it be?

Our partners

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