On June 15th, you'll be able to get acquainted with all kinds of IoT companies related to your own business. Check out the trending and newest IoT developments and of course see why IoT is an indispensible theme to our future.
You can also participate in our workshops, real-life IoT of today experiences, enjoy the tasty catering and be able to easily get in touch with lots of potential partners and prospects.

➪ Meet and get in touch with partners from the same business.
➪ Be completely up-to-date concerning all IoT-trends and innovations, acquire knowledge and ideas
Join us in thinking about the IoT-trends of tomorrow
➪ Exhibit yourself and your company and inform everyone on you and your business.

Who should definitely attend the convention?

→ CEO, product designer, product developer, CTO, COO, strategy executive, CIO, head of IT, researcher, system architect, business development manager or marketing manager, and so on?

Don't hesitate, attending this convention is a must! All actors and companies who are searching for innovative possibilities or ideas to extend their core business with IoT-solutions, are more than welcome. The same counts for stakeholders who are already active in the IoT-domain and are looking for a platform or opportunity to exchange thoughts, networks, or explore and encounter new prospects along the way.

Besides these parties, also exhibitors and providers of IoT-products or specific businesses will be attending. Such as: automotive, home automation, health care, smart cities, internetproviders, Iot Enablers, and so on.

Therefore also architects, local and public authorities, hospitals, public service providers and decision-makers within the government are more than welcome!

Our partners

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