Drone Village by EUKA vzw

New during the second edition of the 'Internet of Things Convention' is our Drone Village, presented by Euka vzw.

The amazing capabilities of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones, as they have come to be known, first entered the public's consciousness through the breathtaking video footage they produced as their long-range cameras zoomed in on an enemy convoy just as it was destroyed by a drone-launched missile. Unquestionably, drone technology has transformed modern warfare.

Here at home, private industry has only just begun to explore the potential of drones in commercial applications. By all accounts, the potential is substantial, especially in industries that can benefit from having an eye in the sky. However, the federal government has been slow to establish uniform regulations for commercial drone flight, which has delayed any realization of their potential.

Construction companies will use drones to inspect roofs, solar panels, ... detect thermal bridges, ... And how long till we deliver the pizza at home with this flying robot? TV images are more and more created by drones for news, football or a bicycle race. Let us not forget plenty of new applications for the police, fire department, emergency services, agriculture, security , ...

The IoT Convention 2017 provides a forum of excellent speakers, exhibitors and innovative demonstrators in different vertical drone markets: Construction & Civil infrastructure, Process, Power & utilities, Surveying & mapping, Agriculture, Government, Security & Surveillance, Events, Movie, Promotion & Leisure, Transport, Logistics & Mobility and Technology: Hardware, Software & Research.

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