Smart Factory

This track is provided by Agoria, discover their Agoria clubs beneath:

Building & Urban Development Technology Club

The Agoria Building & Urban Development Technology Club represents Belgian technology, product and service providers for construction and infrastructure projects. For instance, this team is running the Smart Cities project – a strategic, information and advice platform on trends as well as technological solutions.

Energy Technology Club

The Agoria Energy Technology Club acts as an ecosystem of companies active in energy services and technology, for both the renewable energy and conventional energy generation sectors.

Machine Construction & Production Systems Technology Club

The Agoria Machine Construction & Production Systems Technology Club brings together Belgian technology companies active not only in the design, construction and subcontracting of machinery and machinery spare parts, but also systems and processes used for the transformation or production of goods (including for agriculture).

Transport & Mobility Technology Club

The Agoria Transport & Mobility Technology Club serves the developers, manufacturers and suppliers of products, systems and technology solutions intended for the transport and mobility market. The focus is primarily on the automotive sector, freight transport, public transport, transport infrastructure and personal mobility.

Food & Beverage Technology Club

The Agoria Food & Beverage Technology Club guides Belgian players in food technology (design and manufacturing of equipment for the food industry, customized solutions for food processing).

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